Introducing BWB Collections!

Introducing BWB Collections!

BWB Collections combine some of New Zealand’s finest non-fiction narratives to provide a powerful new platform for reading, research and education.

Launching today with The Treaty of Waitangi Collection, BWB Collections are available to libraries, schools, university departments, businesses, public sector organisations, law firms, think tanks, research centres – anyone with an internet connection.

New Collections to come include The BWB Texts Collection, The Critical Issues Collection and The New Zealand History Collection. 

Collections Key Features

  • Deep, rich and high-quality New Zealand non-fiction books brought together online for the first time – these are landmark digital resources.
  • Optimised for mobile and tablet devices using a design that is intuitive, fast and easy to read.
  • Provides new pathways into the scholarship by linking the book content and the web in new and exciting ways. 
  • Built to last with high-quality production values and using tools and materials from organisations such as Perma.ccCrossRefRefMEPiwik and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.
  • Simple to access and flexible to use, each Collection is delivered through the web browser providing unrestricted access for subscribing organisations.
  • Every collection is a living resource managed directly by BWB’s editorial team, with books added regularly from our publishing and beyond. 

Please contact us (04 4738 128) to enquire about subscribing to a Collection or setting up a free trial. 

View the full list of platform features here. We will regularly update the platform and you can view the development roadmap here.

Subscriptions to BWB Collections will help fund the digitisation and addition of selected out-of-print New Zealand books, beyond BWB’s publishing, to ensure works of critical importance are available into the future.